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College Football Victory Chain Linker

11-28-10: Yes, this site is still alive! Sorry for the lack of updates during the current season. The scores are now complete through today's action and there are plenty of victory chains to explore!

1-09-07: The 2006 Victory Chain Linker is now complete for the entire season, and the results should not disappoint. For the first time since 2003, most teams can be connected to the national champion, Florida Gators. I'm proud to announce the Iowa Wesleyan Tigers as the 2006 Victory Chain Linker National Champions. Despite finishing with a 1-9 record and ranked 696th in Peter Wolfe's Rankings, the Tigers can be linked to the Florida Gators in 23 degrees of seperation. See you next year! And look for some additional features to be added to this site in the offseason!

4-21-05: I understand my website was featured on this morning's Todd -N- Tyler show on Omaha's Z92 (92.3 FM). Thank you very much for the mention, guys! Be sure to catch their show every weekday from 5:30AM-10AM on Omaha's Z92!

Welcome to the College Football Victory Chain Linker (CFVCL)! A "victory chain" is basically a sequential list of teams who beat the team listed below them. By transitive logic, it can be "proven" that the team at the top of the chain is better than the team at the bottom of the chain. This can produce absurd (but fun) results, such as NAIA McPherson College being better than Division 1-A co-National Champions USC and LSU in 2003.

The CFVCL is functional for the 1869-2005 seasons. The 1995-2005 seasons provide an exhausive list of teams. This means that you can attempt to find a victory chain for any and every school that fielded a varsity football team in a particular season, including all levels of the NCAA and NAIA. Note that a victory chain is not always possible, especially for smaller schools that did not have many wins. For seasons prior to 1995, only division 1-A teams and their few opponents are listed. See this page for more info.

Patrick Gaule, 2005