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Four easy ways to be just a good accountant
Recipes for success – this is the new “holy grail”, in search of which many of our colleagues have rushed. But as you know, the best is the enemy of the good. And in pursuit of success, you can simply lose the sense of reality and forget that the main thing in life in harmony. Therefore, communicating with dozens of Russian accountants, we came to the conclusion that for many of them, career growth is not so important as simply doing your own work well. And the latter is much more difficult than the achievement of personal success, career growth, and so on, “the sea of ​​good luck and the dacha by the sea.” Yes, you yourself will agree that good accountants are much less common than the best.

How to become a good accountant

1. Communication – the best education
It is considered that advanced training is directly related to special courses or training from experienced trainers. This, of course, has good reasons, but in fact, far from always expensive courses, beautiful certificates and a few days outside work justify the expectations. As experienced accountants note, studies in the profession should occur all the time, and this can be achieved only in continuous communication with colleagues.

2. Learn from other professions.
Is the daily routine of an ordinary manager very different from an accountant’s work schedule? Actually not much. So why not spy on how representatives of other professions organize their workspace and time?

You can learn time management from project managers – this is when you usefully spend every minute of the working day and still have time to drink tea with cookies. Sales managers can peek at ways of building communications (we are sure that an accountant is not a silent profession). Lawyers will tell you how to keep abreast of legislation, which services and news feeds you subscribe to. Marketers will advise an interesting forum, and system administrators will tell you what applications you can use at work, how best to choose an accounting system or an electronic document exchange service.

3. Bookkeeping is a competitive advantage.
Unfortunately, there are still people who believe that accounting is not part of the company’s commercial activities. Yes, an accountant does not participate in marketing, sales or production, but this does not mean that he cannot make his work a competitive advantage for the company. The goal of your entire organization is to do something better than others. And accounting is no exception.

From the point of view of accounting management the same division as any other in the company. And therefore, for him to fully relevant issues of productivity and efficiency. Even if we are talking about the effectiveness of secondary, serving processes in the company. From the point of view of cost accounting, accounting is the same center of income/expenditure and, therefore, they can and should be managed.

4. Rest wisely
Still, the work of an accountant requires a sharp mind, observation, and scrupulousness. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly train your intellect. And the best thing to do is on vacation. The easiest way is to read. Another nice option – to play board games, do needlework or drawing. And most likely, you already practice some of the above.

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