Tips on Choosing the Best Bikes

Tips on Choosing the Best Bikes

No-one can be an expert at something straight away neither will they know exactly how to pick the right things to purchase. This article should hopefully be a good basis for your learning.

To get a right fitting bike:

The most important factor that you need to decide on when going to pick a road bike(birk) is without a doubt size. In the perfect world you’ll have a bike that fits your personal size uniquely and makes it easy to ride on. Below are the main benefits to getting a bike that fits.

Speed – The last thing you want when you’re riding is your own weight to bog you down and cause you to go slower than you should be. Get expert advice and if you’re in a local store then give the bike a good test drive.

Comfort – A bike( that’s comfortable is obviously one that will enhance your experience when you’re riding which is what you want as someone new to road bikes. Make sure the seat is in a comfortable position above the handlebars and gives you a good view of the traffic ahead.

Efficiency – There is only a certain amount of energy a body can exert no matter how much you’ve been training. A bike that fits will ensure that you’re getting the maximum capability put of your efforts and you’re being propelled forward.

Top Bike Accessories

Some bike accessories should be called that, in fact they should be called necessities. Below are a few things you should be looking at getting if you’re going to be on the roads.

Visible Clothing

If you travel in low light conditions either in the beginning of the day or at the end then you should look into getting some reflective clothing to use. Visible clothing will help other road users and even pedestrians be aware of your presence; this will help to avoid accidents and let people know what’s going on.

Fitting Helmet

A fitting helmet is so important that even though it may be obvious, you should still make sure that you wear one. Coming off your bike is no joke and the injuries that you could possibly sustain could be life threating, also if you’re riding with children it’s your responsibility to make sure they’re wearing one.

Bike Mirrors

Many bikers can get away without having to use mirrors because they can turn around. However if you’re going to be going on long journeys then it’s recommended that you have one as they can be vital at junctions and roundabouts because it’s impossible to predict how other drivers are going to react. (

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